animal science

Keystone Species: Holding the Ecosystem Together

Jun 25, 2020

By Whitney Bell Keystone species are like the keystone in a stone archway. The keystone in an archway is responsible for holding all the other stones in place and maintaining the structure, and just like it, keystone species are vital to their ecological communities. Keystone species are plants or animals that are critical for maintaining […]

The Name’s Dik. Dik-dik.

Jun 04, 2020

By Zoe Terwilliger Many of us have seen the loveable dik-dik in memes and movies like Madagascar, however they are much more than just an adorable character. While these tiny creatures are similar to the deer we have here in the United States, dik-diks are a type of dwarf antelope. Dwarf antelope are a subfamily […]