Want to visit a high school classroom and talk about science?

Link to sign up as a DNA Day Ambassador is at the bottom of the page!

Being an NC DNA Day Ambassador gives you the chance to share your love of science with the next generation!  DNA Day Ambassadors visit a high school classroom in North Carolina and present one of four exciting and interactive modules that have been developed by UNC Chapel Hill graduate students and postdocs. These modules are reviewed by educators and high school students to ensure you will be delivering an effective and exciting scientific educational module.  You will also have an opportunity to tell high school students about your own research interests and highlight the many exciting career opportunities available in scientific research!

In addition to inspiring the next generation of scientists, this experience will provide you with an opportunity to interact with high school students and gain valuable teaching and science education outreach experience.


The training session will cover an introduction to DNA Day, logistics, and general tips on interacting with high school students. You will receive your ambassador module packet that will contain all the information and materials needed for your presentation.  You will also have an overview of the module and an opportunity to ask the module developer questions. An experienced ambassador will present the module to you to familiarize you with the lesson. We are confident this will save you time in preparing for your DNA day presentation.

For ambassadors outside of UNC Chapel Hill, you may either attend one of the above sessions at UNC or attend a training event on your campus.  We will be in touch with the specifics on the date and location of these training sessions.

Your module packet will include:

You are welcome (and encouraged) to recruit a partner.  We strongly recommend that you meet with the graduate student or postdoctoral fellow you will be presenting with ahead of time and agree how you will coordinate the presentation. You should arrange a time to meet at your assigned school. Carpooling is highly encouraged.

We expect you to practice your module in advance so you will be ready to give an exciting and professional presentation to the high school students.


Registration for 2016 Ambassadors will open soon

Questions?  Send us an email!

Quotes from past NC DNA Day Ambassadors

Our genetics are going to play an important role in the future on many different levels, including health care. It is crucial for students to have an understanding of what the human genome is and the ethical implications of its use beyond just the biology of DNA. I am very excited to share some “real life” applications of biology with students and hopefully inspire a new appreciation for science in the process.

Elizabeth Sweger, UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate Student


Many students think of scientists as old men in lab coats. Hopefully, we’ll abolish their stereotypes and leave them thinking that science is really cool and inspiring. My hope is that our program will motivate a whole new generation of scientists.
Jessica Harell, UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate Student


I think DNA Day is a wonderful opportunity to not only discuss aspects and implications of the genome project, but also to demystify the image of a scientist. We can show these students that we are not crazy people walking around with wild hair with beakers containing colored bubbling liquid that is about to explode, but that we are people who truly want to make a difference to help society, and hopefully, encourage some of them to join the cause. I am honored to be a part of DNA Day.
Michael Johnson, UNC-Chapel Hill Graduate Student