Xiphoid Process

Feb 19, 2021
By Emma Goldberg

Xiph·oid proc·ess

(noun. /ZEYE-foid PRAH-sehs/

What does it mean? 

The sternum is divided into three segments: the manubrium, body and xiphoid process.  The xyphoid process is the lowest segment of the sternum. It is small and cartilaginous, meaning it’s made out of dense connective tissue. In the picture below, it is highlighted in purple. 

How do I use it in a sentence?

“In children and young adults, the xiphoid process is cartilaginous. Over time, however, the xiphoid process undergoes a process called ossification, where the cartilage hardens and turns into bone .”

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Alternative Spelling:

xyphoid process

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The word “xiphoid” originates from the Greek word xiphos, meaning straight sword. If you look closely, the tip of the xiphoid process resembles a sword.

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