NC DNA Day Outcomes:

2016 DNA Day cumulative map

Each year before the COVID-19 pandemic, roughly 170 scientist ambassadors visited 160 high schools around the state. During the pandemic NC DNA Day went virtual for two years, but continued the important mission of connecting rising scientists from diverse backgrounds with local high school science classrooms to talk about life sciences and STEM careers. Each year the number of schools that apply to participate is greater than the number of ambassadors. To reach more schools, our goal is to continually recruit more DNA Ambassadors. Our vision is to serve more rural schools that have limited exposure to career scientists. Join us in celebrating NC DNA Day!

NC DNA Day Facts and Figures

Cumulative NC DNA Day Impact (Since 2007)

Unique High Schools Visited:  520
Unique Scientist Ambassadors:  1320
Total Classrooms Visited:  >4,200
Total Students Impacted:  >108,000