Thank Mom for Your Mitochondria

May 27, 2017 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitochondrion

By Michelle Engle We inherit ½ of our DNA from our mothers, but that’s not the only thing we inherit from them. Mitochondria are organelles in the cell that are responsible for making energy used to create proteins and respond to the environment. Mitochondria are passed from mother to baby upon fertilization of the egg. […]

Your ancestors had better teeth than you do, so go brush your teeth

Mar 15, 2017 microbiome

By Lauriel Earley If you’ve ever been to the dentist, you’ll know that most of your time there is spent having plaque cleaned off your teeth. Have you ever given much thought as to what plaque is? If not, then be prepared to be a little grossed out. Plaque is a ‘biofilm’, which means it’s […]

Ancient virus genes make male mice extra muscular

Dec 05, 2016 Mice with (+/+) and without (-/-) syncytin. The male mice without sycintin weigh18% less than those with sycytin.

By Lauriel Earley You’ve probably already heard that you may have more bacterial cells than human cells in your body*, but did you know that you’re also part virus? About 5-8% of your genome is from viruses that integrated into the DNA of your ancestors. These pieces of virus that are in your genome are called […]

Genes and Giants in Ireland

Oct 27, 2016 Charles Byrne, “the Irish Giant”

By Michelle Engle Genetics is usually advertised as a science that impacts the future – the future of healthcare, the future of cancer therapy, etc. But it’s also the biological science that most closely links us to the past, through the DNA passed down from our ancestors. In Ireland, where the past is filled with […]

Epigenetics – more than what you’re born with

Oct 06, 2016 Nature vs. nurture: characteristics you’re born with versus characteristics you learn?
From “Psychology Flipped!”

By Mike Pablo It’s well-known that children can inherit features from their parents. Eye color, hair color, and height are just some characteristics that can be passed down from parent to child. If you’ve had a class on DNA, you’ve likely heard about Mendelian inheritance, originally proposed in 1865 by Gregor Johann Mendel. Mendelian inheritance is […]