Hidden Figures in Physics – Carolyn Parker

Jul 14, 2020

By Zoe Terwilliger Carolyn Parker was the first African American woman to receive a graduate degree in physics. Carolyn Parker was born on November 18, 1917 in Gainesville, Florida. She was born into a family of other incredible scientists. Her father, Julius A. Parker was a medical doctor, who was the second African American to […]

A Portrait of a Protein

Apr 14, 2020

By Anna Wheless HOW FAR WE’VE COME “What was the most important scientific discovery ever made?”  The answers to this question range from the discovery of antibiotics to the development of the theory of general relativity. It’s all a matter of opinion, but my answer to this question would be: the manipulation of glass. It […]

Betelgeuse: The Road to SuperSTARdom

Feb 06, 2020

By Emma Goldberg Although the night sky appears peaceful and calm, the stars we see at night are constantly expanding, exploding, and redesigning our galaxy – making the universe a very exciting place to be!  And right now, all eyes are on Betelgeuse: a bright reddish star 642 light-years away that acts as the shoulder […]

It’s About Time

Jan 05, 2017

By Kelsey Gray The start of a new year often brings both reflection and anticipation. We think about how we spent our time in the past and how we would like to spend our time in the future. We spend time thinking about time, but what do we know about the nature of time itself? […]